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Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual Property Laws

Our firm provides full range of Intellectual Property Services including IPR Procurement, Maintenance, Enforcement and Litigation, IP acquisition & assignment, Transactional and Advisory services with respect to Trade Marks, Patents, Copyright, Designs, Domain Names, Protection against Counterfeiting/ Parallel Imports as well as conducting IP audits and due diligence activities in India and the sub-continent. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to acquisition, protection and enforcement of IPRs towards the best commercial interests of our clients.

Our firm further conducts IP Audit which is a systematic review of the IP assets owned, used or acquired by a business so as to assess and manage risk, remedy problems and implement best practices in IP asset management. Nowadays, IP audit is an indispensable tool for successfully managing knowledge driven businesses, by aiding the process of creating or revising its IP strategy. We also draft and negotiate the agreements involving commercialisation of Intellectual Property through Licensing and Assignments, Technology Transfer, Franchising, Joint Venture, Mergers and Acquisitions, Copyright Licenses or for demarcating areas of operation or settlement agreements including co-existence and agreements/ territorial understandings needs to be carefully drafted with great skill and far-sightedness in order to be able to address all possible future contingencies.